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  1. This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 24 September, 2016.

    Vulgar Drunk Sluts

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    Mona and Daisy are putting makeup on, getting ready to go out but Daisy pulls out some drinks and the two start taking shots. Before long the two girls start acting woozy weird and they start getting messy with their makeup, smearing it on each others faces. They burp and fart with total abandon. They rub makeup on their tits and pussies. They start drinking even more excessively, pouring the booze directly into their mouths. They get so wasted they start eating makeup and share it in sloppy kisses. They write obscenities on their bodies using lip stick. These two crazy bitches get completely wasted and end up passed out in a pile of hot mess.
    Run Time: 00:30:44

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