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  1. This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 20 August, 2013.

    Cum Factory Fiasco

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    Nicole, Pamela, and Jessica have a cumtastic day at work in: Cum Factory Fiasco. Pamela, the company's best producer is busting her balls trying to meet the cum quota. They are baffled because they keep on coming up short. What they don't realize is that Nicole has been skimming from bucket for herself. As Jessica and Pamela are away, Nicole dips into the bucket and drinks it all for herself. The other girls come back and catch Nicole red handed. Busted, Nicole tries to justify her actions to by saying that cum was so delicious she couldn't help it. She convinces both Jessica and Pamela to try it for themselves. They agree and after tasting the amazing jizz, they all get super horny and go nuts. They take turns cumming all over the other's faces and wallow in the big bucket of hot yummy cum!
    Run Time: 00:00:04

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