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  1. This product was added to our catalog on Friday 21 December, 2012.

    Schoolgirl Sex Bullies

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    Lana and Louisa have their way with new girl Gracie, in School Girl Sex Bullies. Word on the street is that Gracie is brand new and both Lana and Louisa want to size her up. They see her walking by and corner her. In no time, they have Gracie on her knees and sucking on their cocks! When Gracie tries to resist, Lana pulls her back and strips her of her shirt. They wag and slap their dicks all over her face and tits. They even smother her in their cleavage until she can't breathe anymore! Even though she's pretending to not like it, Gracie totally gets hard from all the attention. Lana lays Gracie on her back, takes her panties off and starts fucking her right there in the hallway until Gracie cums all over the place! Then Lana flips her over and fucks her doggie style and cums all over her ass. Then Gracie jerks Louisa off until she cums all over her tits.
    Run Time: 00:22:10

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