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  1. This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 28 April, 2012.

    Preview Montage 7: Juggs Jubilee

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    More action, more girls and more tits! This trailer is full of hooters in motion, and milk being squirted everywhere! More models than ever before: Mindy, Stefani, Nikki, Monica, Vanessa, Janeen and Rina! Lots of 2 girl scenes! Stefani is turning out to be the Mastasia slut... she jacks Nikki's nipples off, dances and milks with Rina, sucks and pumps milk out of Monica's huge hangers... she also has a solo scene where she licks and tit-fucks a dildo. Mindy milks on her homework, plays with an anaconda sized dildo, bounces around on a trampoline and humps an exercise ball. Monica mops the floor with milk, hits a piƱata with Vanessa as well as caresses Ms. Volume's tits. Rina plays hop scotch and splashes her tits in the jacuzzi. Nikki gets naughty with an apple pie, walks with her nipples hanging out and jacks her own nipples off! Janeen walks around outside pantyless, wets her tit-filled t-shirt, gropes her juggs, eats chocolate sensually and sucks on a baby bottle! Much more happens but you'll just have to watch and see.
    Run Time: 00:01:58

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