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  1. This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 24 January, 2012.

    Schlong Sailors with Vibrators

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    Mandy, Lauren and Chelsi use vibrators and fuck each other in Schlong Sailors with Vibrators. These sailors have just gotten back from sea and are hornier than ever. They talk about their sexual conquests until Lauren takes out her vibrator. She presses its against their dicks while they jerk off, suck dick and rub their boners together. Then Chelsi takes out her industrial strength vibrator and they use it on her balls and pussy. Then Lauren fucks Chelsi till she's spurting jizz. Chelsi tries to cram her extra wide choad into Mandy's cunt but it simply doesn't fit, so Lauren fucks Mandy as well. Mandy rides Lauren's lance like a champ, moaning loud and riding it hard before Lauren unloads on her ass. Chelsi and Lauren rub both vibrators on Mandy's cock and balls while she jerks off and shoots cum. The three girls kiss then rub and wag their dicks together!
    Run Time: 00:26:09

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