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  1. This product was added to our catalog on Friday 12 April, 2013.

    Busting the Boss's Balls

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    Nicole and Jessica try to get their Boss Pamela to relax a little in Busting the Boss's Balls. Pamela is a little uptight and stressed and she calls Nicole and Jessica into the office wondering why work wasn't being done fast enough. They are so mesmerized by Pamela's enormous cock that they don't even pay attention to what she's saying. Pamela gets mad and sends them out of her office. Nicole and Jessica concoct a plan to get Pamela to ease up by seducing her. At first, she doesn't accept their advances, but the two hotties are very persuasive. In no time, they are on their knees sucking her gigantic shaft and stroking her whopping wiener with both arms until they start cramping up. She demands that Nicole fuck Jessica with her long serpent dick while she jerks off. Then, Pamela unloads her jizz all over the employees!
    Run Time: 00:18:43

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