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  1. This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 11 September, 2013.

    Nerdy Nymphomaniacs

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    Rachel undergoes a dork change of heart with the help of Casey and Mandy in Nerdy Nymphomaniacs. Casey and Mandy are doing their homework when Rachel shows up for detention. She ask the two girls if they were going to the big party but since they are outcasts, they weren't invited. Rachel convinces the girls to suck her dick and in return she would invite them. They suspiciously agree because they've always wanted to party with the popular kids. Rachel is amazingly surprised how well they suck her cock and she even lets Casey fuck her pussy! They jerk Rachel off until she has the best orgasm of her life! Casey and Mandy decide that they actually don't want to party, but they induct Rachel into their nerd pact and even give her glasses! Then, Rachel gives the two girls hand jobs and they blow their load all over her ass!

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