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  1. This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 24 January, 2012.

    Hidden Dick Desires

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    Nikki and Lana discover each others cocks in Hidden Dick Desires. The girls get together at a local bar to flirt. Unknowing that the other one has a penis; they hide their giant schlongs under their clothing. They have awkward conversation and touch flirtatiously as they daydream sexual fantasies about each other. Lana goes to the restroom and both girls stroke their dicks to relieve the sexual angst. When Lana returns she can't hide her hard dongs from poking through her skirt and Nikki decides to reveal her penis as well. The girls are amazed and overly excited that they both have cocks. They kiss passionately then jerk and suck each other off. They rub cocks together and Nikki fucks Lana's cocks, before she blasts her cum on Lana. Lana spurts her double load on Nikki and they make out covered in cum!
    Run Time: 00:20:26

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