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  1. This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 28 April, 2012.

    Janeen Trips Out with Rina

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    Janeen munches down a bag of magic mushrooms. She lies down, shuts her eyes and rubs her boobs. Out of nowhere Rina the Busty Bunny appears! Janeen is tripping balls! She doesn't believe her eyes, so she feels up Rina to see if it's real. The girls hug, dance, and curiously touch each others bodies. Then the girls pull each others tops off, bounce, bump, wobble and mash their udders together playfully! Rina takes out a platter filled with phallic shaped food. Rina crams a huge cucumber in Janeen horny mouth! Both girls lustfully suck on opposing ends of a banana! Rina tit-fucks Janeen hard with a giant sausage till her tits add milk to their picnic!
    Run Time: 00:14:26

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