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  1. This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 24 January, 2012.

    Cum Drunk Sailor Sluts

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    Felicia fucks and sucks Stefani in Cum Drunk Sailor Sluts. At the local bar the girls giggle and flirt with each other while they down shots and chug beer. Felicia's dick pitches a tent in her skirt and Stefani's erect sausage pokes out of her pants. In no time they are kissing and rubbing their cocks together. Stefani pours beer in Felicia's ass crack. Felicia gives head while pouring beer all over Stefani's dick. Felicia gets her nut-sack licked and slaps her penis in Stefani's mouth. Stefani spreads her legs and Felicia fucks her while sucking her cock at the same time! Felicia rams her doggy style and Stefani strokes herself! Felicia cums in a beer mug and the two sluts drink jizz and spit it on each other's boners. They tongue each other with cum in their mouths and slap their jizzy dicks together playfully!
    Run Time: 00:21:15

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