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  1. This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 24 January, 2012.

    Milfy Women get it on with a Teen

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    Penny and Zoey fuck and get fucked by their daughter, Erica. Zoey and Penny talk about how their daughter, Erica, has become more disconnected recently. Just as they talk about her, Erica walks in. Zoey and Penny try to comfort and relate to her as moms often do, except they can't help but praise and admire her large erect cock! Erica feels uncomfortable and gets up but her moms keep persisting and start touching and sucking her cock. Seeing that Erica is still uneasy, Zoey and Penny instruct her to jack off while she watches them fuck each other. After Zoey fucks Penny for a while, Zoey has Erica fuck her doggy style. Zoey yells out "Fuck your mommy!" repeatedly as Erica rams and spanks her mom from behind. Then Erica rides Zoey's cock as she jerks herself off. She yells out "Mommy I'm going to cum!" and shoots streams of hot jizz out of her hard dick! Finally, Erica jerks off both her moms and makes them cum all over her cock!
    Run Time: 00:27:54

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