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  1. This product was added to our catalog on Friday 25 January, 2013.

    Penis Enlargement Party

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    Porsha, Heidi, & Brittany are having a rager in Penis Enlargement Party. The three girls are dancing away when Brittany decides to make things more interesting with party enhancing pills. They all take the pills, but Porsha gets greedy and takes a handful of pills. This gets all the girls really horny and hot, so they start making out, but then Porsha passes out. When she comes to, her dick is huge! Excited about her new cock size, she downs the rest of the pills, and she has the other two girls suck her off. Then, she mounts Brittany's cock and rides it as her huge new dick flops up and down. Feeling the effects of the pills again, she passes out, and this time when she gets up her cock is even bigger! She picks up where she left off riding Brittany's cock while Heidi jerks off. Porsha blows her giant load all over the place!
    Run Time: 00:18:22

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