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  1. This product was added to our catalog on Monday 08 October, 2012.

    Prude Girl Glory Hole

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    Hazel tries to instill morals into Abby and Gracie, but instead, she gets her pussy plunged and a massive facial in: Prude Girl Glory Hole. Hazel is protesting prostitution, but she has a dirty secret that she's hiding as well: She's a closet perv disguised as an uptight church lady! When Abby and Gracie go into the voting booth, she sticks her long dick into a hole and they girls oblige by sucking on it until they are both covered in Hazel's jizz. Sensing that something was amiss, they realize that it was the crazy protester lady's dick they were slurping on! Caught in her lie, they have their way with Hazel - fucking her and making her suck their cocks! Hazel face gets covered in an unbelievable amount of jizz from both girls!
    Run Time: 00:19:40

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