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  1. This product was added to our catalog on Friday 06 July, 2012.

    Playing with Pillows & Penises

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    Abby convinces Josie to romp around in bed with her in Playing with Pillows & Penises. Abby confesses to Josie that she's had a secret crush on her for a long time, at the same time, Abby can't help be mesmerized by Josie's giant private parts. They hop into bed together and Abby is almost crushed by Josie's monster cock. Abby caresses and tries to wrap her mouth on Josie's 38P titties in an epic tit playing and sucking session. Then, Abby shoves her cock into Josie's cleavage and watches as it disappears into the folds of her enormous breasts as she tit fucks her. Abby hops onto Josie's cock and rides it while she continues to tit fuck her. Then, Abby turns around and slides her entire body up and down Josie's choad, jerking it off until both their cocks erupt in a shower of cum.
    Run Time: 00:21:20

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