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  1. This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 24 January, 2012.

    Dick Doll Naughty Play

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    Chelsi's favorite doll Abby cums to life and robotically jerks her off in Dick-Doll Naughty Play. Chelsi is looking at her doll collection, but she gets bored and takes out her life-sized doll Abby. Chelsi moves Abby's limbs around like a mannequin. She bends her over and shoves her cock in her face. She sucks Abby's cock and plays with her perfect tits! She takes a nap on the couch but when she wakes up Abby has come to life and wants to play more. Abby is one aggressive, horny doll. She sucks and licks Chelsi's titties and dick while stroking her huge choad. She skull fucks Chelsi then mechanically jerk herself off. Chelsi presses the fast forward button on Abby which makes her doll jerk off super fast until she cums. Then Abby robotically jerks off Chelsi till she spurts her load all over Abby's big boobs!
    Run Time: 00:23:55

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